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The New FLIR T70 Thermal Scope For Sale.

The long awaited update to the FLIR T60 clip on thermal scope has finally been released. The T70 rifle scope features a 640×480 thermal sensor and is loaded with features everyone asked for in the old T60 scope. Everyone is excited to get a hold of the new scope. We have a limited pre order event going on now for the FLIR T70.

The new FLIR T70 is awesome. FLIR Systems Inc. really listened to the feedback from end users in designing this scope. Everything we asked for is built right in. To start with they have upgraded to the latest technology FLIR thermal core with 17 micron pixels. This gives you a smaller scope while still having the same downrange performance. The T70 can be used as a stand alone thermal rifle scope or as a clip on thermal rifle scope. This is a huge feature that everyone wished for in the T60. The T70 has internal crosshairs that you can activate for dedicated rifle scope performance. They are calibrated to 556 or 762 rounds. The thermal scope is loaded with other features including color, zoom and manual image control.

Call today for more information on this limited opportunity. The list is filling up fast to be the first to own the FLIR T70. 702-369-3966. 


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